Vintage tackle

Grice & Young reel found at Plough LaneOver the next few weeks I’ll be adding new images of recent finds and other items for sale.

Vintage sea floats found in Arcadia in Spitalfields Market

Vintage sea floats found in Arcadia in Spitalfields Market

Found on the internet a good quality vintage float slip case, similar to an Efgeeco.

A pike lure found at Profit Dock in SW14

Vintage Hardy Reel Case to fit a Marquis Salmon Reel

A pair of Abu Cardinal 55 spools, a spool for an Abu 44 and a spare for a Cardinal 77

A fine tench float purchased off eBay

A sturdy Mitchell 486 sea reel, I wouldn’t leave home without one. Found at a bric-a-brac sale in Wells-Next- The-Sea, Norfolk

A fine Hardy Conquest reel in fabulous condition found on the borders of the East End

A Mitchell 208-209 spare spool found at a car boot near Bath

A vintage alloy fly box by Pezon Et Michel full of May Flies made in France by Montee par Mme Veuve G. de Chamberet

Brass leger weights,an Allcocks disgorger and a lost lure

A selection of Wye weights found in an old envelope

A pair of Mitchell Reels found at Plough Lane, Mitchell 325

A belt bait tin

A fine Hardy Elerex found at Woody’s of Wembley and a spinner from Kempton

tackle finds from lofts, sheds,car boots, ebay and collectors fairs. Hardy Marquis 7 Spool with Hardy Fast Sink Line found at Wimbledon Car BootAs John Andrews would say ‘ Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul’.

A good condition Mitchell 386 found in a box at a boot sale in Norfolk, and the float washed ashore.

5 thoughts on “Vintage tackle”

  1. Stephen Pearce said:

    Vintage Hardy Reel Case to fit a Marquis Salmon Reel

    • Hi Stephen, are you looking for one and if so are you looking for a PVC black with gold blocking, blue with gold blocking or the old blue/grey. I do have a leather case but probably a bit small for a Marquis Salmon Reel.

      Thanks for dropping by talesbytheriverbank hope you found the blog useful.

  2. David grime said:

    Great stuff, I’m looking for bodied wagglers

  3. Dave Bevan said:

    Hello, great to find your site and have really enjoyed the tales I’ve read.I came across your site as I am on a so far unsuccessful mission to find the maker of my split cane rod .
    I was keen on fishing in the mid fifties but when I read Collin Willocks “Come Fishing With Me” the interest became totally consuming.Eventually my parents bought me this beautiful split cane rod and i spent endless days trotting the Taff and especially Llandaff Weir with rod and my K.P. Morritts Intrepid De Luxe reel.
    Unfortunately where I held the rod was right over the manufacturers “badge”.Ive had the rod refurbished but had whats left of the “badge” retained. Its been suggested the maker is Dauntless of Redditch, but I can’t find on the WWW much about the company and no photos of the rod badge.I have photos of whats left of the badge and would enclose them but not sure thats possible.
    I was hoping you or one of your readers might be able to give me some guidance on my quest.Dave

    • Hi Dave, thank you for reading my blog. I will certainly try to find some information for you. It’s been a while since I updated my blog but unfortunately work pressures have absorbed a lot of my time and young Tales has moved on from fishing as he gets older, however we have had a couple of times to fish together.
      I will look to get back to you promptly,
      Best wishes and tight lines – G

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