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Hooked On Floats by Jeff Dela Mura

Hooked On Floats by Jeff Della Mura

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Some great old titles found in second-hand bookshops...words on water for sure.

Hooked On Floats by Jeff Della Mura is a compelling read for any vintage tackle enthusiast. Like all things related to fishing why does one need multiples of, as Mrs Tales points out you can only fish with one or maybe two rods at a time so why do I have so many. Much in the same way I have a rod for different occasions, as I have different flies and spinner one has to have a diverse collection of floats.

Jeff’s book documents the beauty of these objects, yes there is beauty in their form, colour and material used. There also seem to be a compulsion to buy as many quality vintage floats as one gets offered or finds either on auction sites or local car boots. In my case I also find the occasional float in the margins or on an overhanging branch.

If you buy one book this year you should treat yourself to a copy of Jeff’s book, if nothing else than to provoke the thought ‘ I had one of those’.

To buy a copy follow this link: or click on and fill in the order page. You wont be disappointed.

The latest edition of Classic Angling features Jeff’s book see:

Recent reads

I have recently aquired a copy of the Silk Road by Charles Rangeley-Wilson along with two charity shop finds, Gone Fishing by Sir Michael Hordern and a copy of Thelwell’s Compleat Tangler – all three will be classics and deserve a place on any fisherman’s bookshelf.

Having recently met with Jeff Della Mura I was informed that only 30 copies of his magnificent and authoritative book on fishing floats are left. I urge you that if you would like a copy of this book that you should place an order now otherwise you may find they will all be sold before Christmas!

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