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With such changeable weather over the weekend I decided not to go fishing but to read about it. The most recent issue of Trout & Salmon hit the hallway floor with a resounding thud a few days ago but remained on the desk until the weekend. I have read this journal for well over half a century, the magazine has changed a lot in its looks, feel and contributors but is still complied with skill and its content well put together. As the leaden grey cloud rolled in early this morning I had a quick flick through and early this evening I sat down with a dram of Firkin Whisky and read in detail from cover to cover. I can honestly say I always learn something new from many of the articles written and it’s visual content gets better, however I still recall and a teenager converting the old red topped front page design and its black and white spreads. In the 70’s it’s colour images had the feel of a Polaroid or Kodak Box Brownie, in a box in storage are many copies from the mid 70’s to around 2005.

The voice of Game Fishing