From early childhood that magic of the meandering stream, deep pools and the ringlets of rises drew my interest in fishing. Armed with an old Milbro rod, a freshly dug worm and a Harcork float many an hour would pass whilst in pursuit of a trout on the River Chess. Then came the interest in casting a fly and again many an hour would pass…just one last cast I’d say.

Join me on my endless journey with all things about fishing, the people, the tackle, the books,the location, the weather and the fine ale houses where a story or two would be told.

Now three years on it is our journey as young Tales takes up the art of the angle.

Words and Photographs by Gary E J Hazell. All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be used without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.

22 thoughts on “About”

  1. Elizabeth Edwards said:

    Hi Gary, I found a brown ceramic egg marked London 983 (about 3 inches in height) on the Thames north foreshore under the Millenium bridge last Sunday on a walk with the Thames Trust. Our guide Andy said he knew all about the recent finds but that it was still a mystery as to where they came from. Can you shed any light? Thanks!

  2. Just found 1078 between richmond bridge and the railway bridge. Thanks to you I won’t spend the next three years wondering what it is. Thanks. Great site!

  3. Bizarrely I found it whilst chatting on the phone about moving to Lewes (house viewing tomorrow) which is in the background of the picture of the eggs up on the Downs. I had also commented on fishing in the Arlington reservoir. Somehow it all neatly ties together. Egg bound one might say.

  4. Please help just found a ceramic/ clay egg in purfleet by the bird sanctuary my number is either 2550 or 1550 it’s hard to see due to the paint work. My egg is cream with brown and blue flecks Jackson pollock style need advice.
    Does yours have london stamped under the egg with the number.
    Anyone with any information please email me johanna_hill@hotmail.co.uk. Please

    • Hi Johanna have you look back through my blog as
      I’ve detailed much on there of my finds from last year. The last one I found was between Christmas and New Year. Over 5000 were placed in the Thames by artist ANON. So there are many more to be found.

  5. id just like to say i have found three of these eggs so far two between ferry lane rainham and purfleet and one near the small warning light between the the bridge and proctor and gambles site at grays,they are marked london 1624,london 4221,but the third one isnt very clear.

  6. Kevin Reynolds said:

    Dear Gary,
    I’m making a film about the artist who makes the eggs and wondered if you would be up for a little interview? It wouldn’t be very difficult – all I’d want to do is ask you about discovering the eggs and writing about them on your blog (perhaps whilst you were fishing). Obviously, you’d have questions and want to know a bit more about me, but how would you feel about the idea in general?
    Thanks for your consideration,
    Kevin Reynolds.

  7. Hi, good to see you yesterday. Mystery solved…the brown egg I found on the Barnes foreshore last year, no 2935, as per the earlier comments. Had always wondered what it was, now I know. Cheers

    • Hi David, it was good to catch up again yesterday. Keep an eye on the blog for more on the ceramic eggs and also I’ll publish the picture I took of you yesterday with your fabulous dace.
      Hope to see you again down on the Barnes shore. Cheers for now and tight lines.

  8. I found an egg B032 by Chiswick Eyot. Very mysterious but good to find out more about it.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for he email. Have a look at my blog posts from April 2012 you’ll pick up the thread of the story from there. Thanks for taking time to look at my blog let me know if you find any more or where exactly you found the one at the weekend? Make sure you treasure it, they are very special.

      Kind regards


    • Thanks Linda for getting in touch, have a look at my blog posts from April 2012. It’s the work of a Brighton based artist, previously he put 10,000 ceramic pebbles on Brighton Beach, 5,000 ceramic eggs in the Thames, ceramic butterflies on the South Bank and recently ceramic bottles and more eggs placed around Brighton. For me the eggs in the Thames the most memorable. Hope you find more.

  9. Hi Gary, I’m on three different forums and would like to gain your permission to perhaps use some of yer photos on me profile album as to where I fish etc,

    I hope that this would be OK, can you please gmail me ASAP to let me know and confirm.

    I’m an experienced angler who actually fishes at Barnes on the Thames for the roach and dace, and have been following yer diaries for the last few years,

    I’m from Gravesend, Kent and also noticed that you’ve fished me local Shorne country park,

    I’ve already met up with Jeff on the banks of the Thames a couple of years back as I was fishing by the out flow stream that runs off of Leg of mutton.

    With many thanks,


  10. Hi Gary, great work! I live in Putney and always wanted to catch some mitten crabs (you’ve mentioned them in some of your blogs). But where, when and how? Any tips are much appreciated!


    • Hi Tony, thanks for your note. Usually I find the Mitten Crabs in Spring and usually a little further up than Putney. They tend to be from Barnes Bridge to Kew in the tidal reach on both north and south banks. Certainly found a few in the slack water by the Chiswick Brewery. Hope this helps. Kind regards Gary

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