Sheer pressures of work, balancing out mental and physical health have pushed me to focus on other areas of my life than writing my blog. There has been little fishing over the year but what I have done has been rewarding.

There has been little if any vintage tackle purchased and very few visits to car boots, to be honest Mrs Tales has banned my from adding to my collection. My one therapy for the year has been my focus on the allotment I have been asked to take care of whilst neighbours have moved away for a while. I have to say the allotment has been great fun and very rewarding.

We’ve only been fishing a handful of tines during the year, a few fly fishing forays and a few sea fishing trips targeting bass. One trip on a boat with Robin Howard who runs a boat out of Brighton Marina was great fun and productive with a couple of PB achieved by young Tales and myself as I caught my first cod of the year on a soft bait.

Hopefully 2020 will afford us the time to do more fishing.

On this first day of Advent I present you with a box full of vintage pike floats.