Under a leaden coloured sky there is merriment in homes across the land but let’s cast a thought to those not so fortunate. At Midnight Mass the word ‘buffeted’ was the focus of the Rectors speech, he thought it was the most apt word to describe events of 2017, Brexit, Trump, Genfell Tower, terrorist attacks, fires, floods and discord across the globe.

Whilst many of us woke this morning with the joy of Christmas in our hearts, let’s cast a thought to the many for who it is just another day of survival, poverty, disruption and a bleak future.

For those of you who are brothers of the art of the angle, may the memories of this last season bridge the gap to the end of March. To those of you who switch the focus to grayling, pike and perch may your lines tighten on a crisp winters day. I leave you to enjoy the festive season with this verse:

On the dust-covered hillsides,

In the quiet of the night,

‘Twas shepherds out feeding,

Who first saw the light:

A window to heaven

As the sound filled the sky.

Sing glory to God

For the Maiden and her Child.

I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas.