Those of you that follow this blog and I’m eternally grateful to you all will note that I have had little time to pursue my passion for angling and write about it.

The months seem to pass by all too quickly, the rods have seldom been moved and if I look back at the pictures on my digital devices there are few of the pursuit of trout, roach, perch or our sea dwelling friends, in fact I think you can count the number of fishing trips on one hand.

Most of my interests have had to take a back seat this year, few car boots visited, little if any vintage tackle purchased, fewer art galleries and shows visited, so as you can understand I feel a little short on content to add.

Young Tales has taken to four wheels with gusto, learning a new craft of steering around a tarmac track and with great ability, determination and competitiveness, a total opposite in some respects to his fishing but still with commitment and concentration. Having only asked a few times about spending the day fishing his enthusiasm for motorsports has taken over. With the season drawing to a close maybe he will revert back to the rod and the brotherhood of the angle to contemplate his achievements and what lay ahead next year. Fishing is always the best therapy for the busy mind and maybe the beauty of a river in winter sun can tempt him back to the countryside.

I couldn’t help thinking after watching the sun set across the River Thames yesterday evening that life away from the river, fishing and being amongst nature leaves you feeling you’re missing out.