As I glance at the bookcase on this Sunday evening it is made up of titles about fishing, exploration, Shackleton, cooking, gardening and gin. 

Yesterday I had to work plying my trade of marketing drinks brands to an eager consumers in search of something different from the brick clad building in Tobacco Dock. This event was titled Junipalooza, created by the talented duo of the Gin Foundry who have established themselfs as the font of all knowledge on this category of spirit that is booming. With over 155 gins showcased yesterday I can say there is a gin for everyone. However the most awarded gin is Beefeater. To many Beefeater is a mainstream brand but it’s Master Distiller, Desmond Payne still produces some great spirit. Last year Beefeater produced ‘Beefeater London Garden Gin’ a Gin that should be found in any gardeners allotment shed, for a tipple at the end of a hard day’s gardening. 

As there was no fishing this weekend I thought it was worthwhile reflecting on my other passion of gardening. In a small London Garden I have managed to find time and space to grow my own botanicals, edible flowers, cultivate an arrage of soft fruit to garnish with and grow a Mediterranean corner with fig, olive and lemon trees, all grown in the fertile soil a stones throw from the banks of the Thames.

I raise a glass to you all who toil in the gardens, allotments and roof terraces of our fine City, cheers to the London Garden.