A mere 18 years have past by since I last fished the River Tay at Kenmore.  Now I’m back with young Tales fishing the Tay and hopefully cementing memories that will last a lifetime.

        Ever since I mentioned to my young fishing companion that we would head north of the border for a few days fishing he has spoken of little else. Sheer excitement and the anticipation turned into reality today when we fished the Lower Tay on the Cargill beat, a part of the river known to be productive in early season.

        We booked a day with Tay Salmon Fisheries Company. Guided by our knowledgeable Ghillie David we took to the water just after 9am and fished all day. Fishing with a copper Abu spinner and selection of flies our endovours to catch a bar of silver will have to wait for another year eluded today. This popular beat opposite the imposing Ballathie House Hotel is booked up until the end of the season which ends in mid October so we’ll have to return next year.

        In the fishing lodge there is a wall of photographs capturing moments of triumph, prized catches of seasons past, memories captured on film.

        By late afternoon and having tried hard to allow young Tales the opportunity to play a fish we had to face the fact that it wouldn’t be this time so we packed up and moved on up river to Kenmore, the location for the opening of the season on the Tay. Hopefully tomorrow will allow another opportunity to catch a fish and create lasting memories of our time together which means so much to us.

        Let’s see what tomorrow brings. One thing for certain from what we’ve learned today a gold and brown Devon will be used. What did work today was a highly polished copper lure for one lucky fisherman.