Recently sent from the Sussex Coast in two separate packages were two very fine split cane fishing priests made by Paul Lavender, a respected maker of traditional fishing accessories. As the trout season fast approaches I though they were great additions to our traditional tackle collection of fine split cane rods, Hardy Pefect and LRH Lightwieght reels, silk lines, traditional fishermen country tweeds and moleskins all in the spirit of the TFF.

There is something most pleasing about the handling of honey coloured cane, crimson or emaraled greed silk whipping, turned brass which is married to vintage rod butts and rubber buttons. These recent purchases will last young Tales a lifetime. Each one matching the whippings of vintage Hardy, Allcock’s  and Sharpes rods. His eye for detail and appreciation of natural materials for fishing tackle sets him apart from his peers however this is in contract for his appreciation of automotive styling which is mainly from contemporary composites, but then again he admires a DB5 and the lines of the old W113 SL Mercedes and their Pegoda roof.  

It’s great to see the the craft and skills of the likes of Paul Cook, Rawson & Perrin and Paul Lavender admired by such a young individual.