The lack of posts on my blog certainly reflect the changes in our lives this year along with the loss of my Father. As they say ‘time and tide waits for no man’, how true those words have been during 2016.

As I write this last post for 2016 I can’t help thinking about how time has passed by all to quickly. In the early spring the focus was on the ill health of my Father, he seemed to rapidly go downhill faster than a skier on a run down the Matterhorn. On reflection it all seemed to happen so fast and when I think about it although 7 months have now passed the rawness of it feels as if it were only yesterday.

I took on a new role in late March which has been all consuming of my time every day and weekends seem taken up with planning the following week or working at Gin Festivals. There seems to be little down time these days and as a consequence little time to fish however we have been afforded a greater involvement in motor sport, another of young Tales’s passions, so I guess not all bad.
Again I seem to be pressed for time to write as we head out of the door to see in the New Year. So as a last cast can I take this oppprtunity to thank each and everyone of you who have view this blog and may I wish you all a happy, healthy and rewarding 2017 and those of you of the brotherhood of the angle, many a tight line.