Christmas may be upon us but that  should not stop the intrepid angler from heading to a peaceful stretch of the Thames in search of that feared and reveared predictor of the middle and upper reaches Essox Lucius the Pike. Haveing read a snippet of Fallon’s Angler I’m tempted to buy some sprats from our local fishmonger and suspend one beneath a classic Pike float using my old Chapman 550 cane rod or possibly my Hardy LRH 2 Salmon spinning rod which is strong enough to do the job paired to an old Abu 66 Cardinal reel.

Having set aside a nice red and white Pike float for the occasion I then remembered a recent tweet suggesting a Heddon Knocker lure may also be just the ticket for our wise toothy friend of the deep.

There will be days between Christmas and New Year when a few hours spent by the river will allow me to get my thoughts together. Having lost my Father earlier this year I hope 2017 proves to be a better year, 2016 certainly passed by all too quickly. Little time was spent fishing or searching out vintage tackle hence the lack of posts on here. Hopefully I will get time next week to go fishing with young Tales so that we can finish the year off with a strong bend in the top of the rod and a Pike in the net.