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Having not really invested in any vintage tackle this year I couldn’t but help notice the sale of a Chapman of Ware cane fishing rod on thatcwell known online auction site. 

Having followed it over a few days I noticed that it sold for £162.50, a good amount and more than I sold mine for a year ago at the Vintage Tackle Fair in Redditch. My pristine example was purchased by a German collector for £135.

In early November those of the brotherhood of the angel will take to the roads early in the morning and head to the Mecca of all things piscatorial for the Vintage Tackle Fair, however  tempting it is, but I realise I’ll come back with more than I left to sell and that doesn’t please Mrs Tales.

I do have four Chapman rods to sell, a couple of Chapman 500’s and a sought after 550 which was refurbished by the respected Mr Paul Cook, which reminds me I have a Hardy LRH cane Salmon spinning rod to refurbish and a friends Farlow Elf that needs a new top section.

With little fishing done this year I’ve decided to reduce the amount of rods and reels in the collection, even young Tales realised that although it’s nice to have a cane rod the practicalities of a more modern rod means that you’ll use it more, much like the classic car only being driven on dry days.

Well it’s time to head to bed to read the most recent copy of Trout & Salmon, scroll through the feeds on the twitter account and look at all those lucky enough to be Grayling fishing this week.