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During the late 70’s and early 80’s I recall a range of reels by Gladding and Sheakspere all denoting ‘ Made In England’, they were robust solid reels if not slightly too heavy against the more expensive a sought after Hardy and Orvis lightweight reels that I aspired too. It wasn’t until after I started my first job in a design studio in Covent Garden could I afford to part with the money for a Hardy LRH Lightweight reel, a reel which I still fish with to this day.

My reason for featuring the Intrepid Gear Fly is for the mere fact that I found a spare spool in a local charity shop the other week which then prompted me to think about finding a reel on that familiar online auction site, more to reminisce about those days in the early 80’s when I would fish the Queen Mother Resevoir near Datchet and Latimer Park Farm with a 10ft John Norris of Penrith rod paired to a Beaulite reel, which served me well for many years until I then decided to fish light on chalk streams in the South and smaller lakes. It was late summer last year that I decided to have my old John Norris rod refurbished by my dear friend – Richard the Fish. Not only did he rewhipp the rings but also upgraded some of the parts such as a keeper ring and nickel silver suround on the joint if the rod blank and cork handle.

These classic reels, although seen as an entry level offer were so solid in their construction that many survive in good condition today, much like this Intrepid Gear Fly featured. If you want to put together a more than adequate sea-trout package these reels paired with a good graphite or even fibatube rod and #7-#8 line means that you won’t be worried when scrambling about in the dark on the river bank rather than  risking damaging a reel that cost you several hundred pounds. To be honest I agree with Mrs Tales on her view that as long as it holds line and you can reel in why spend a fortune…

I need to dig out my old Shakespeare Beaulite and Gladding Rimfly reels which are still very usable – bit like an old classic English Sports Car, a TR2 or 3, solid old pieces of kit…’Made In England’