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It wasn’t a school day but young Tales was up and about early, the school half term is already upon us and we are not heading to the slopes or for winter sun. Our focus is on keeping young Tales away from a certain communication tool that has robbed us of so much of his time and conversation, yes the iPad, that wonderful device that gives us so much information at a flick of the finger and helps a certain level of learning is also a destructive tool. I’ve witnessed so many times a whole family out for dinner where each individual is engrossed with reading the next text, Facebook notification, tweet and catching the latest result…surely this is meant to be family time where conversation and banter abound or am I just showing my age? What gives me something to smile about is that he wants to go fishing!

I can only take comfort that at bedtime young Tales was eager to know if fresh bait had been acquired, tackle assembled for a day on the water. Forecast as the coldest night of the winter and freezing conditions for tomorrow this hasn’t quashed his enthusiasm for a days fishing with an old school friend at Willinghurst Fisheries in the Surrey countryside. Lakes are not young Tales favoured haunt but it certainly will be easier than river fishing, well ‘easy ‘ may not be the most appropriate word as I’m sure it will be a challenging day. Hopefully for both boys their rods will bend, a few smiles and the adrenalin of catching a fish will bring warmth in the chill of the Surrey air in mid February.