The clocks ticking and Christmas is nearly upon us.

We are still experiencing warmer than average temperatures, maybe the amount of Christmas lights are contributing to this phenomena. Only a few years ago we had experienced a good snowfall and the temperatures were at a seasonal norm.

Today sees is the first of the Christmas present delivery runs as the family scatters for the festive season, however we will reside by the river and call into the neighbours for season drinks and banter.

As you can tell from the posts there has been little fishing of late and certainly no purchases of vintage tackle or piscatorial items. Hopefully we will get out to do some Grayling fishing but what we need is a good frost as there is nothing quite like hearing the crunch beneath your feet as you walk along the riverbank listing to the flow of the water and the shrill of a Robin in the hedgerow. I guess it’s a bit early to buy a half pint of mixed maggots just in case we head out on the Thames for some perch fishing but I better not leave it too late but then again a there is always the option of digging up some worms from the garden.