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It was mid-afternoon when I stumbled across this very rare item, it is a boxwood rope gauge. I found it on a table of treasures in a shop close to my home.

Having lived in SW13 for nearly two decades I have frequented this shop that sells an eclectic mix of vintage fabrics, homewares and hand crafted items by Angel. On the run up to Christmas I always make the effort to visit this iconic shop in Barnes. As you open the door the air is filled with the scent of flowering hyacinths, beeswax and lavender. The warm glow of candles and the glimmer of light reflects the the polished brass, ceramics and glass domes that shroud exquisite works, one that stood out was a tree full of baubles, beads and over vintage trinkets.

This is in no way a shop for thrifty purchases, each item for sale is hand made and unique much like the rare items sourced which in their own right are works of art.

A good friend of ours is a boat builder, well he is a master craftsman, carpenter, sculptor in fact nothing quite describes his sublime skills, for me one of the most talented people I know much like his partner who is a fantastic painter. For Bob these rope gauges would be an ideal gift, more as an item for the mantelpiece than to work with. An item to sit beside his Mamod Steam engine and clockwork Meccano boat.

I do try to find obscure gifts for those who know me for me it is part of the pleasure of Christmas finding things that are not usually available on the high street.