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After a busy day and with Christmas rapidly approaching I can’t help but reflect on a image of a young child from Syria featured on a poster that I saw on the train today. Whilst we all prepare for Christmas I spare a thought for those less fortunate. With countries at war, famine, hardship, the homeless and closer to home those now displaced from their homes after the torrential rain and floods. For many Christmas is not a time of joy, it is simply just another day in a journey of survival and getting by.

In support of the Octavia Foundation and several other local charity shops that have supported their fundraising by retailing donations I myself in them some of them from time to time purchasing an eclectic mix of items. Featured below some trinkets, a set of tasting cups and an ashtray bearing a coin from the reign of King Edward. These cast offs cost little however I see a certain beauty in them as they can be reused. The cups for sipping this years Sloe Gin from and for the ashtray for the once a year cigar.