As the cold weather sets in the rods stand idle in the hallway, the rain sweeps in ,  the sky grey and threatening.

Of late I feel I have neglected my writing, my focuses elsewhere as work seems to have taken over and my thoughts on prioritising my movements and workload in order to keep all the balls in the air without dropping any.

Having had time at the kitchen table to read a post by the tuesdayswim on the curation of tackle boxes, I feel slightly cheated by time this year. In previous years I’ve found time to car boot fairs, collectable fairs and the odd local table sale in search of stimulating items that can be used for storing tackle and now and again a prized piece of vintage tackle…the reality of it all is in the subconscious, full knowing that I don’t really need and more…I have enough ‘stuff’ as Mrs Tales points out. For me I can see beauty in the most obscure items, the typography on an old hook packet, the colours and illustrations on cigar boxes and the quintissential charm of the vintage tin.

So I guess you ask of the title of this post…the 500, no I don’t refer to a Chapman of Ware 500 cane rods, nor any other fishing item with 500 in their brand name or the 500 plus fishing flies I must have collected over the past seasons, it is in fact the number of view my blog gets on a weekly basis, sometimes more and on occasions less. The power of the digital age gives people the threads to find information, facts and visuals of all manner of things.

So the question is will I break the 500 per week views.