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As I cast my eye over the book on fishing neatly stacked on my bookshelf one book stands out, The Domesday Book Of Mammoth Pike by the notable author Fred Buller. Its inch-wide spine giving it a certain prominence however the cover depicts a large pike consuming a brown trout, for this fearful looking creature seems to be sort after by many fisherman and so does a copy of this book. Published originally by Stanley Paul & Co Ltd in 1979 this book is a must read for any fisher and certainly a book for any collection.

Mr Buller lived in South Heath close to my home town of Great Missenden a town on the edge of the Chiltern Hills. I was not aware of this fact until much later in life, for had I known as a teenager I would have no doubt made my acquaintance with such a gentleman of fishing notoriety and asked him to teach me how to fish. Fred Buller was also aquatinted with the likes of the legendary Hugh Falkus, Richard Walker and Fred Taylor all of whom I have book by.

As the leaves start to tumble and fry scurry under the overhanging vegetation of the river there are pike laying in wait to make a meal of such offering and with a well oiled sprat, spinner or fly now is the time to fish for these predatory fish. To watch a large gazette float dip and move at speed or if hooked with a spinner these mighty fish will tail slap the water and leap for freedom.

Next weekend will see the second Vintage Fishing Tackle Fair of this year in Redditch open its doors at 9am, there I will be selling various items of fishing tackle, cane rods, pike floats, spinner, fly boxes, bags and books. So if you wish to take to the road and visit us if no more than to talk over a cup of tea we would be delighted to see you.

Pike floats to be used as Christmas decorations.

Pike floats to be used as Christmas decorations.