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As October draws to an end the focus is now on preparing for the National Vintage Tackle Show to be held in Redditch the heartland of what was the British tackle industry that sadly was to fall from favour with the influx of tackle made in the Far East.

Even today even the brands that we understood to be reassuringly British source their manufacturing in Asia and the Far East. No longer do reels or rods have stickers saying ‘Made In England’ in favour of that commonly seen white dot sticker saying Korea, Taiwan, China or Japan.

In mid November I will be selling an extensive collection of tackle that was ‘Made In England’ and other items from Sweden. A range of reels, rods and terminal tackle will be transported from the City to the town on Redditch, the hallowed ground of tackle that our grandfathers and their fathers fished with. Today we treasure these items, for the traditional fisherman they are the brands of choice, like vintage cars, watches and memorabilia of days past they pluck our heart strings and bring a smile to the face. The distinctive click of the reel, the honey coloured cane and solid brass lures excite all that fish with them.

Now it is time to sort, wrap, pack and detail the treasures that we have accumulated over the last three decades…and still do squire but Mrs Tales has said ‘no more’ so now is the time to pass these wonderful items on for others to cherish and fish with.

Be sure to put the date in your diary if you are a keen traditional fisherman and make sure you head to Redditch and share the passion over a cup of tea, a jug of Porter or for those that know me a gin and tonic…but just the one.

We as in young Tales and I look forward to making your acquaintance.