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Young Tales has just had the time of his life swimming in warm seas and being able to be within arms length of a multitude of fish, no rod needed but a snorkel and mask a necessity.

Having returned to a rather cold and wet UK only a couple of days ago it is good to reflect on our week away in Cyprus. Not only did we have the opportunity to sample the freshest seafood on a plate but also to swim with bream, wrasse and snapper in less than 6ft depth of water on the northern shores of this Island, where crystal clear water was the norm for this time of year.

A morning was spent on the boat owned by Elias a local Paphos fisherman who took us into deep water where we caught fish on nearly every cast. Most fish caught were sea perch but the odd rainbow wrasse, bream and snapper fell for the thin slithers of squid offered on small hooks. Unlike our own shores where fish seem scarce this year, the sea around Cyprus seemed to hold a plentiful supply of fish for the intrepid angler.