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Having only just stepped off the train from Barnes Bridge Station and crossed the road to walk along the tow path home momentarily glancing down the river to see that the tide was heading out. Close by the concrete wall I noticed the distictive colours of a water sodden Ensign still attached to the mahogany pole that it once flew from and with all ropes attached. I swiftly made my way down to the foreshore to find a fine hand stitched Ensign bearing a red disc symbol with a white anchor, this I knew as The Cruising Association flag.

The flag was covered in silt and other unsavoury sedimant but I knew would clean up well making a welcome addition to the increasing collection of washed up parts of boats that fill my garden shed, sooner or later I will end up with a complete boat as I have oars, rudders, row locks, seats and now a fine flag and flag pole.