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Over recent months I have noted the price that Chapman rods fetch along with those by the sought after B. James of Ealing. With the vintage fishing tackle scene still capturing the hearts of many a fisherman cane rods are still in demand.

I took note of the recent sale of a Chapman The Fred J Taylor Roach Rod made of honey coloured cane with deep crimson aged whippings, the cork handle in fine condition with its period blackend alloy reel fittings. These rods in good condition are hard to find, having said that they come up on a regular basis but always get good money.  Other recent Chapman rods for sale such as ‘The Amwell’ 11ft float rod, Dennis Pye 700 Pike Rod can be purchased at a reasonable price , £75 for an Amwell and £120-150 for a Dennis Pye 700 Pike Rod in good condition. Most of the available now are either in original condition, so will need a level of refurbishment or you will find them restored.

The interesting trend is to see the B James rods command much higher prices with an Avon or Kennet Perfection costing £250-295 and an Avocete demanding a good £100 more. With reference to the Fred J Taylor Roach Rod the final trading price was £148.90 for a usable rod inclusive of a rod bag.

One point to make is that many cane rods look attractive but on closer instruction will need new whippings, rings and a good coat of varnish, that’s as long as there are no cracks or de-lamination of the cane segments. Most cork handles stand the test of time and can be cleaned with a mild solution of bleach…unless the varnish fairy has cast its spell which was all the rage in the 70’s it seems.

If you are in the market for a Chapman or B James cane rod then I hope the above is of some help.