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Wives, partners and girl friends ( fishing widows) will be left to sleep on, they will get the bed to themselves for just after midnight or even before men will head to the river to fish the night and on till dawn as the new coarse fishing season begins.

For those eager enough they have probably taken up station on their favourite swim and watching the sun set over the trees casting long shadows across the water. Rods will be set up, that favourite float attached and those swims baited up in the last glimmers of daylight.

The House Of Tales all took to walk the banks of the river as the tide still went out, midges filled the air and the occasional olive danced on the evening breeze. Song Thrushed filled the air with their distinctive call, coots strutted in the margins and the occasional heron lifted on leg slowly as the searched the reeds for stickleback or young frogs.

In the tope coloured water of our local reservoir know as the Leg -O-Mutton, now a nature reserve large carp could be seen gliding in the margins, momentarily breaking the surface to take air before disappearing into deeper water.

For all of you I hope you have a good season, may personal bests be broken, new records set or simply the time spent wash away the stress of life, simply enjoy every moment.

Tight lines….