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I’ve recently seen another Chapman of Ware, Peter Stone Ledgerstrike rod listed on that well known online auction site. This one not with the provinance of being owned by the renowend angler but all the same made a good price, at £225 the bidding ended.

These sought after cane rods form Chapmans of Ware are still commanding good money, in fact I haven’t seen one change hands for less than £200 in recent months.

As the owner of several Chapman cane rods I have decided to let a few go as I can’t justify keeping them all, some will get used but others are now best passed on. Over the coming weeks I will list a range of vintage tackle to be sold, reels, rods, books and other fishing items. Out if my collection of rods will be a couple of Chapman 500’s in fine refurbished condition and a Chapman Shelford in mint original condition.

Like many an angler the lure of a fine rod is difficult to resist but it’s the storage of them which becomes an issue. Also we have found recently that we are using less than a third of what we own, some rods are so dependable that they are winning favour each time we go fishing. The selection process will be tough but we will need to pair the collection down to four trout rods, two Sea-trout rods, two salmon rods, four spinning rods, two sea rods, two ledger rods, two float rods and one stalking rod for carp fishing, the later being the Chapman 550 I gave to Paul Cook to refurbish. Even that list is extensive enough, it will no doubt end up being more as I just remembered four highly prized Hardy cane fly rods and a fine Sharpes Scottie featherweight that is a dream to use, so still I recon we will end up with twenty five rods between the two of us and if young Tales big brother ever gets involved we might just need to have a few in reserve, however at this stage he’s into buying cameras and film equipment.

Having just done a mental audit I think we’ll have at least a dozen rods up for sales and a least a dozen reels so watch this space or if you are in the market for some vintage tackle by Hardy, Sharpes, Abu, Allcocks and other notable tackle merchants then drop me a line, pardon the pun.