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Inked on the top face of a small rectangular blue card box were the words ‘Building Blocks’, this box was dispatched from Glasgow a couple of days ago and it contained a mixed lot of vintage tackle. The items in the box could be timelined from the late 40’s early 50’s, why, because the three reel spools that form part of this hoard were all from early reels, one from an Abu 444, the other two from J W Young bearing the part numbers JWY170 circa 1948 and JWY259. Other items in the hoard were a cloth covered minnow, several named spinners, some home-made spoons for pike fishing, a packet of traces and two cards with flies attached, 3 Yellow May and 2 McGinty.

I was a little aprehensive when I first opened the box as a musty smell filled the air, the tissue paper that encapsulated the items was old, brittle and yellowed with time. As I took out each item out me apprehension gave way to joy as I started to realise what made up this mix of items. Over the next few days I’ll write up about the reels associated with the spools, I’ll photograph some of the other items in the box as some of the contents were intriguing …