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There had been little time to fish this month and even when the opportunity presented itself the fish weren’t biting. With the official start to the trout fishing season is fast approaching I’m spending time sorting through bags and boxes full of tackle in order to catalogue what I have and what will eventually form the stock for my pending sales of piscatorial vintage items.

A recent visit to a car boot sale offered up some good finds however in the back streets across the country there seems to be an array of vintage fishing tackle items for sale. Having never owned one I found two leather line cleaners, one made by Hardy and the other simply stamped ‘Made In England’. In a mixed box of items I found a lead and cork plummet plus three Harcork floats and an ACA car badge. Other good finds were a small Allcocks 3 inch diameter with 2 1/2 inch spool fly reel in its distinctive dark green livery known as Hydraulic Green as it was the same paint as used on the Spitfire, so I guess it dates the reel to the late 30’s to 40’s, the reel still retaining the silk line and from what I can make out an early model that bears no date stamp, I’m struggling to find out what it is, a Condex style reel clearly not a ‘Black Night’ or an early Popular as the reel casing and spool are flat alloy with no surface texture. Finally I found an early Wheatley compartment fly box with its ‘Wipe Clean’ printed slate, all great items that will be used this season.

It give me no greater pleasure than to give some of these items a new lease of life for them to be used again especially when you realise that if you were to by some of these items as new a small Wheatley six compartment fly box now retails for over £50, so to source, recycle and reuse seems to be the way forward this year.