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It was describe as ‘rather tatty’, a large vintage Brady of Halesowen salmon bag that I found on that well know on-line auction site. Why did I need another bag is a good question, however having seen the most recent whisky release Haig Club from Diageo in its distinctive blue glass bottle the full length commercial features a salmon fisher sporting a similar Brady Severn bag slung over his shoulder. This gave me the idea that as part of the brand ambassadors brand kit he should carry his samples around in a Brady bag. As a consumer with the love of fishing and a fine dram of quaffable grain whisky from the Cameronbridge Distillery, the oldest grain distillery in Scotland. The whisky itself is light, clean with hints of butterscotch giving it a smooth finish, ideal for those that fear to tread towards the complex single malts. I decided to buy this larger Brady bag in order to carry a bottle of Haig Club to share with my fellow fishers whilst we endure the chill of the start to this seasons salmon fishing. By all accounts the season has started well on the Tay and Tweed and hopefully we will entice a silver bar to the net this season. The postman delivered the bag this morning, rather than tatty I would say it has been well used and has a story or two to tell. Vintage Brady bags take on a quintessential charm of their own, each very different and the front pocket was a snug fit for the iconic blue bottle ….welcome to my Haig Club.


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