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The postman’s bag was noticeably bulging with the increased Christmas mail and online purchased items. Today two brown packages arrived one containing a splendid W.R Speedia centre pin reel, noted on its vintage box as ‘Standard’, there was nothing standard about this mint condition wide drum Speedia that was acquired from a Mr Large.

The second package contained an Allcocks Aerial Match, slightly worse for wear and missing springs, latches and spokes but the paintwork in generally good condition. Upon spinning the spool there was a noticeable noise of rubbing due the surrounding cage having been slightly dented on the bottom edge, I would assume from being dropped on the ground. To many this would be a non runner however a trip to see Garry Mills of The Mill Tackle Company should have this reel back in working order by the time Santa heads across the Winter sky delivering gifts to boys and girls across the land.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the restoring and refurbishment of the Aerial reel and hopefully detail the work as carried out by Mr Mills from his Redditch Road, Studley workshop.

I hope you will all hear sleigh bells in the snow …