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Recently a friend of mine ask me to recommend a centre pin reel for float fishing for grayling, my instant response was to recommend a narrow drum Speedia. I did however consider a JW Young Trudex or Hardy Conquest but it was a Speedia that I felt most comfortable with.

In light of the rapid increase in prices of vintage centre pin reels where a good quality Speedia will set you back over £100-150, a Rapidex £65-85 and a Trudex in the region of £100 -130, Aerials in the region of £100-190, k. Dowlings & Sons in the region of £90 to a Hardy Conquest, Triumph or Wallis topping out at over £180. So the choice is endless, just depends on how much you want to spend but for my money you can’t beat the WR Speedia.

One interesting contemporary alternative is the Marco Cortesi a very underrated reel that for the money will out perform reels costing well over £100, there is one currently on eBay for less than a pint of beer!

If you are looking to acquire a vintage reel then try Mr Andrews of Andrews of Arcadia who stalls out in Spitalfields Market on a Thursday from the hours of 6.30-3pm.

So I’ve decided to open up the debate to readers of my blog. What centre pin reel do you take trotting?

My other favourite float reel is the Abu 1044 or 706, as closed faced they are brilliant when fishing in windy conditions.