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Recently I have noticed the prices of Speedia reels are changing hands from £99 to a staggering £200 on a well known on line auction site, the question I would ask is why so much?

There has always been a centre pin craze focused around good quality reels and namely the Allcock Aerial where a reasonable reel would set you back £150-200 with the odd one found at auction for £100 but to find the average price of a Speedia exceeding £100 surprises me.

For years I have fished with a narrow drum Speedia or my trusted JW Young’s Trudex but again the Trudex is changing hands at £180 for a clean wobble free reel, so where are prices going? One thing for sure you can pick up a clean Rapidex for £55, still a very usable and capable reel.

I guess I do have to question why such high prices, it’s not for rarity as they are often found at tackle fairs and appear on eBay, at least half a dozen are up for sale each week, so is it that the average angler wants to fish with vintage tackle to capture the nostalgia of childhood memories or is it that modern reels just don’t live up to expectation.

For me you just can’t beat the timelessness of an old British reel and its ‘click click’ sound, like a vintage car there is something that draws you in…but at what price?