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In a recent post I mentioned a fish called a weever a member of the Trachinidea species, a small grumpy looking fish that spends a good part of the day buried in the sand in warm shallow water as it stalks small bait fish, worms and other sand dwelling creatures. Recently we managed to catch two in as many casts. To those of you that are not acquainted with this bottom dweller, beware! Small this fish may be but it is venomous, in fact it is more venomous than most jelly fish and as poisonous as a stingray.

The lesser weever is common on the south coast and the one usually caught by fisherman as they have a habit of taking bait quite readily. It is said that their name is derived from the French word ‘wivre’, when translated means dragon, it’s exactly what it looks like with its spines and mouthful of minuscule teeth.

What I was surprised to witness was one of the fish we caught over the weekend took a Dexter Wedge which was at least half its body length.

If you happen to catch one be mindful that it will sting you if you try to put your hands on it to take off a hook.