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Today was just one of those days when the idea of basking in the September sunshine tempted us to head away from London to the Oxfordshire countryside to take in the change of seasons, blue sky, sunshine and that distinctive odour in the air of damp vegetation.

Charlbury on the edge of the Cotswolds was our destination for I had seen a post by Fennel of Fennel’s Priory fame http//:www.fennelspriory.com, that he would be attending the annual Wychwood Forest Fair now in its 15th year.

It was a great opportunity for Young Tales to manage to play with sticks, stones, hay and create fire, bows and arrows, ferrets and observe all things to do with country life. He saw the art of black smithing , bee keeping , spoon carving and something I had not witnessed before the art of growing your own furniture, see – http//:www.grown-furniture.co.uk.

Young Tales started the day with a bit of apprehension as to what this fair would deliver, the thought of a 1.5hr drive didn’t excite as he was keen enough to stay at home to watch his hero Lewis Hamilton chase his title hopes in the Italian GP. However, once at Charlbury with the warmth if the September sun on his back he raced towards a Medieval style tent made by George Mudford and Sons, known as The Agincourt Round a Pavilion, here was his opportunity to use a bow and arrow to fire at a target. This really was what a boys own adventure should be about.

I was grateful to Fennel and his fellow Wilderness Pioneers for their insight and time in order for Young Tales to learn some skills of the countryside and that knowledge of how to start a fire should one need to without the use of a box of Swan Vestas.