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The light and air seems to have changed as September marks the end of the official trout fishing season, however it is that magical time when the perch chase the small fry in order to fatten up for the winter.

Much like achieving the ‘Six Flags’ for visiting the major theme parks our Young Tales then embarked on squeezing in three full days of fishing each covering different species and different styles. The first was to catch some late summer mackerel, the next was a trip to a backwater of the Thames to catch some perch and his final day of his summer holiday was spent dry fly fishing for trout at one of his favourite waters, Robins Wood Fishery near Churt in Surrey.

With the tidal Thames on our doorstep Young Tales as opted not to wander to the banks in search of silver-fish dispute the river fishing well this year, this I put down to the winter rains cleaning the river and pushing the brackish water further down river. In previous years we had fished for dace, roach and the occasional chub on a single maggot hooked to a size 16 hook, there were plenty of rewards for his endeavours yet this year he seems not to be that interested.

The Barnes Three as they are know have enjoyed reasonable sport this year with several good sized chub, bream and roach being taken near Barnes Bridge by the inlet from an underground stream and further down the river where a spit that is visible a low tide allows access to a good position to fish a 3-4ft deep gully. Here, you will catch at least 4 species of river fish on most casts. To endorse this observation Brian caught 4 different species in 10 casts, a pretty good average by anyone’s standard.

Having baited up the swim with loose feed, mixed ground-bait and a scattering of maggots the fish came on strong taking a single red maggot when trotted down in the back end of the outgoing tide. On the turning tide the chub seem to come on. It was satisfying to see Brian’s ABU 706, spooled with 3lb line with a 1.75 breaking strain hook to nylon at the business end being tugged on each run. Fishing light is the answer to deceiving these shy river fish.

I think a trip to Chapman’s in Twickenham will be on the cards in the morning in order to get some fresh maggots to enjoy some sport in the evening sun tomorrow.