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Sometime ago I wrote about the ceramic eggs by the Brighton artist Anon being found along the Thames. Having been placed in the tidal Thames a couple of years ago one would have thought these works of art would have long gone, however thus is not to be the case.

Each day I pass by my collection of these ceramic eggs as they are nestled in a wooden box in the hallway, the thought of finding any more long gone but however people are still finding the odd numbered egg here and there. It was reported to me today that a lady by the name of Linda Bloomfield found one during the weekend at Chiswick Eyot, a small island made up of weaved alder fencing and surrounded by reeds with a small outcrop of Salix (pussy willow). This Eyot is accessible at low tide from behind the Fullers Brewery. Having previously searched this location long ago I can only imaging it got trapped somehow or that somewhere up stream near Brentford one of the houseboats has moved and the trapped debris has given up a captured egg that lay amongst the driftwood,plastic bottles and other lost items.

This legacy of Anon’s work continues to cause intrigue for many a beach comber as they walk the banjos if the Thames.