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Late in the afternoon on Saturday we were invited to join my old fishing companion Shaun Madle on the River Wey, a short stretch of river between Farnham and Bentley. This syndicated water meanders through pasture and meadows of the Surrey foothills not far from the Hogs Back.

We have had the opportunity to fish this river before, however not during a time when the May Fly are hatching. Saturday saw an increase in temperature and this clearly impacted on the ability for these insects to hatch in numbers. With their graceful flight some seem to bounce across the water, others caught the breeze yet some end their short airborne life at the mercy of the spider, we found one caught in web with other insects.

The water ran clear and still with pace after the winter rain. Bright green vegetation lined the water’s edge, the ground still soft beneath the sun scorched surface within a couple of yards of the river.

Small chub sipped the dancing flies from the surface and every now and again a larger swirl cut the mirrored surface of the river as a trout took advantage of a May Fly momentarily dropping to the surface at its peril.

It wasn’t long before young Tales was into a fish, his short 7ft rod bending into a fish and line spooling off the reel at an alarming rate. A good sized brown trout had snatched his May Fly imitation the second it hit the water. With only a short cast along the reeded bank it took young Tales by surprise. Within a few minutes he was into another fish this time one slightly larger than the first. Young Tales has not witnessed the excitement of brown trout on a feeding frenzy before so for him it was a jaw dropping moment to have a brace of browns in such a brief foray.

It was for young Tales a memorable afternoon which will be permanently etched on that tablet of fishing adventures, he just simply couldn’t stop grinning….