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The rods have been stored away and fishing bags placed in the cupboard whilst the closed season is upon us. However fishing hasn’t stopped in our household as we have changed Avons, centre pins and floats for fly rods, fly reel and fluff on a hook.

Usually the brown envelope containing the renewal form for the Feltham & Twickenham Piscatorial Society should have hit the doormat by now however nothing has arrived. In order to secure our position on the river bank I dropped the Membership Secretary a note but only to find membership renewals were posted out a month ago and the deadline to get them back in is the 30th.

Like several of my fellow fishermen sometimes renewals cause a dilemma only when you realise that the few times you managed to get out makes you wonder if it’s worth the cost. As most of us experienced the weather put pay to many outings. However the F&TPS is astonishingly good value and when you have an eager young fisher in tow even those one or two outings are cherished.

We will fill out the form sent via email this evening and for sure will make every effort to get out amongst the bank side vegetation in order to fling a hook.

So if any of you out there are wondering about your renewal, go on fill out the form and enjoy every minute.

Until the season starts we’ll be fluff chucking and I can say nothing brings a bigger grin than watching your son hook and net a fish.