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After a few hours fishing there is nothing like a cup of ‘victory gin’, a good old brew of the finest tea in an enamel mug on the edge of the water.

For many years a Stanley flask of stale tasting tea would be served, then there was the kettle and the vintage Primus before adopting for the iconic Kelly Kettle.

Recently on a journey to Brighton I found a great kitchen and home-wares store that reminded me of the old school hardware store where you could literally buy anything you could ever want. Stores such as Walsingham & Sons, Dockerills in Brighton and that mad store in Falmouth, Trago Mills have most things but few retail gems such as old Tilly Lanterns and decent Volcano camping kettles.

However recently I found more Ghillie Kettles being used, similar to the Kelly Kettle but come in an anodised black colour. Without seeing one first hand I don’t know if they are any better than the iconic Kelly Kettle but look identical except for a few details. Without question these do help make an ideal fresh brew, with a few dry sticks and last seasons undergrowth it takes a mere few minutes to get a litre of water to boil. So with some fresh boiled water what you need is some decent tea not the powder in a bag stuff. To get some decent leaves this will mean a visit to Orange Pekoe our local tea house.

With a day on the water planned over the weekend the old Kelly will be packed in the boot of the car so a fine mug can be cupped in hand whilst watching young Tales in pursuit of a trout or two.