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Three little fish on a black damsel

Three little fish on a black damsel

One of artist by the name of Anon brown ceramic eggs found by Nicola White near Cliffe, Kent.

One of Anon’s brown ceramic egg found by Nicola White near Cliffe, Kent.

Today heralds in the start of the new trout fishing season so I wish all you fluff chuckers many tight lines and memorable outings. Late this afternoon after telephone calls, emails and meetings i took to the water to land these three fish. Having observed the water and the retrieves of fellow fishers it was a level of counting down before starting a swift retrieve.

Also in case you thought the ceramic egg saga was all over, I can inform you more have been found. So two years on from their release on the tidal Thames they seem to be being washed up again further down towards the estuary.

Yes, two years have passed since the start of the egg saga and yes they are still out there to be found.

On the shoreline of Cliffe in the County of Kent it has been reported that a brown glazed ceramic egg of 4 inches in size, unmarked but rattled was found by mudlarker, Nicola White.

Whilst scouring the foreshore for artifacts this egg was stumbled upon amongst the seaweed and usual high tide debris. What is more intriguing is the art made by the Nicola White the lady who found this egg. I can’t wait to find out more about the mudlarking finds and art she creates.