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After several months of rain the skies gave way to allow the sun to shine. Having undertaken the normal Saturday morning activities there was still time to pack a bag and head of for a few hours fishing.

Young Tales has been denied the opportunity to net a fish since the winter set in. Today we were off to break the deadlock. We headed down the A316 to Syon Park to the Albury Estate run fishery at This historic venue where clear blue skies, clean warm light and a breeze greeted us.

20140308-213019.jpgYoung Tales made a choice of fly and opted for a dependable Montana nymph. After a good 20 minutes and no follows or takes we changed fly to a goldhead and deer hair bodied nymph that was given to us by Mark Minshall our fellow blogger on wordpress. He does tie exceedingly good flies.

Having been spotted fishing near the bridge by young Tales we exchanged greetings as we had not seen each other since the back end of last year. Mark kindly gave us a fly that he had previously caught two fish on. After having tied it on and fished for a while there was no movement in the water. Mark had packed up for the day and headed home along the bank. No sooner had he turned away we had a good old tug on the fly but unfortunately I didn’t set the hook so our silver bar managed to discard the fly quickly.

20140308-213042.jpgThe breeze dropped off and the lake became a dark pool reflecting the evening sky, trout rose in front of us but none were to follow our offerings. The only thing I hooked was the rather large tree to my right which confiscated my bloodworm fly.

What we did witness was the capture of two large rainbows in excess of 8lb and one 6lb brown, taken on a black damsel nymph. Clearly there are good sized fish in this fishery and if presented with the right fly and the ideal rate of retrieve will happily take.

All in all an enjoyable afternoon even if we did blank, however we will return with more knowledge of how to fish this water.

With thanks to Mark for his kindness, we look forward to more fishing adventures.

Tomorrow is the Romsey Vintage Tackle Fair so I will cover this in Monday’s post.