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The rain pattered on the windows most of the week, there was little respite except for today. The news has been on the floods of the Somerset Levels and of further west towards Dawlish where the main rail link was washed away.

During the week a red van turned up outside to deliver a Sharpes Braemar split cane spinning rod. It was in fine condition and will be used as soon as the rivers drop back to a fishable level.

As there has been little chance to angel of late. I took some time the other morning to check all the rods in the back hallway, the collection is still growing much to Mrs Tales annoyance. She referred to my rods as a collection of sticks also as to why I need so many. All have a function and with young Tales in tow we seem to have pairs.

I know he is eager to spin for a perch or pike so hence the purchase of a small cane rod, however it may have been more prudent of me to purchase a 6′ graphite rod. I was shown one when I visited The Tackle Exchange in Walton. The cost of the rod was a fraction under £40, would cask 7g-35g, had two tops and was capable of handling a good size bass or pike.

I read an interesting post by thetuesdayswim on the loss of a Heddon River Runt lure that he was fishing on order to tempt a Lee River pike. For most of us the loss of terminal tackle is annoying to say the least especially if it is a vintage lure or float. Unfortunately it tends to happen when on the retrieve you snag a subsurface branch. I posted a link to this story on my twitter feed.

Today a visit to a friend in Lower Sunbury allowed me to check the flow of the River Thames and at around 10.30 am the water was rising quickly and at an alarming rate. A lady dog walker who lived close by had watched it rise over 4” in less than an hour, I could sense a level of concern regarding the hight of the river.

Even with a slight change in the weather and clear skies forecast along with the unseasonable moderate temperatures there will be no fishing this weekend.