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At a minute past the hour of 9am the letter box closed with a resounding clap and dull thud on the mat as a small brown package arrived from Drovers Way, Worcester.

Within the neatly constructed brown package 5 DAM floats and 4 Percy Wadham celluliod floats lay, securely placed in a purpose made foam carrier for their safe transit. These vintage floats from the the swinging 60’s are sought after by the traditional angler along with the prised Harcork floats that seem to always fetch a premium.

Percy Wadham was an innovator in tackle, based from Newport on the Isle of Wight, his celluloid floats were made by a local gentleman by the name of Alfred Barnes and strangely enough that is were these floats made there way to, Barnes in South West London.

Unfortunately with a tide registering 6.2m between Barnes Bridge and Hammersmith Bridge there will be no fishing. Interesting enough having engaged with a local builder in conversation earlier today he reported that as a child he would fish from the steps just up from the Ship in Mortlake for bream. Having never fished this mark it is now on my list to fish once this continued rain stops and the river flow drops back to a sensible level.

I remember as a young boy turning my nose up at these celluloid floats in preference to those made of cork, balsa, reed and cane but now these iconic floats have made a comeback.