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The weekend passed by all too quickly, it rained all weekend and after a brief respite this morning the heavens opened up again.

I had to visit my good friend Nick who lives in Green Street in Lower Sunbury, a riverside hamlet formally known as Sunbury Village with its architecture of Georgian Houses and Victorian terraced villas that sit between Hampton and Shepperton. Sunbury dates back as far as the Bronze Age as it is know for the Sunbury hoard. Lower Sunbury is also known as the location of the annual Swan Upping where two livery companies mark the swans in the Upper Thames.

After such torrential and continued rain the river is in full flow and over the past few weeks flooding the meadows and parkland. Today was no exception as the river levels remained high, flooding The Lawns and gardens that back onto the river. The Cut, a small lane off the Lower Sunbury Road was still under inches of floodwater so there would be no chance of any fishing until the river level drops back.

With such a rainy start to 2014 I have not ventured to the river to do any fishing and the forecast is that it won’t change for a week or so.