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My thoughts are about pike fishing in the land of the big blue sky. Prompted by fellow writer thetuesdayswim who on a recent visit was after seeking some local knowledge. Knowing this area of the North Norfolk Coast Path well after years of staying at Wells-next-the-Sea I hope I can point the dear fellow in the direction where he will find Essox in wait. In order to temp these predators from the reeded margins a good oily sprat or herring fillet from the local fishmonger is ideal bait.

Having been tipped off last year about a good spot near Cley it transpires that a local old salt who sells tackle from a shed at the end of his garden will no doubt be better to advise on where exactly to go.
Should you find yourself on this part of the North Norfolk Coast I suggest you look out for a sign by the side of the road advertising ‘Tackle For Sale’ .
For He who seeks knowledge is then better equipped and from behind that door an Advent surprise of pike tackle will be found.

Seek and thee shall find.