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Under the winter sky there would be nine ladies of the stream dancing with their crimson dorsal fin in the current. Today would have been ideal to fish for grayling on either the Test, Itchen, Kennet or Frome.

Trotting with an Avon float suspended from the end of my vintage B James Perfection or my Chapman Shelford and paired to a Speedia or Hardy Conquest, this is what classic angling is all about. However, a short cane or graphite fly rod with a light line and a Polish woven nymph would also be the ideal set up for winter grayling fishing.

With unseasonably warm temperatures I can imagine a dry fly would work if cast into the shadows.

I have a good selection if grayling flies to choose from however there is nothing more satisfying than to see the tip of a float move as a grayling focuses and takes the bait on the turn.

To all of you who have escaped the High Streets in search of solace I wish you tight lines with the ladies.