A rather impromptu visit to Brighton today allowed a quick visit to the beach at the end of Ship Street. There on the Doughnut groyne were four fishermen casting into a turbulent sea.

The foreshore was strewn with seaweed and large stones, these having been deposited with the stormy seas last Monday. The upside to this is that the lugworm have been disturbed and many fish are packed to the gills with them. With so much food within the surf, fish are plentiful. Whiting , dabs, plaice, sole and bass are feeding within 50 yards of the pebble shore and within easy reach of most anglers.

It was no surprise to see a good mix of fish caught on today’s high tide. With the weather set to continue with moderate winds, fishing should be good but not for the faint hearted..you’ll be sure to get windswept and wet.