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I promised my wife that I would not buy another rod this year,
unfortunately I could not resist a Hardy Graphite 9’6″ #8/9 that was posted up on a well known online auction site.

I had expected it to go for more but having placed a bid in order to keep tabs on it I now find myself the new owner and a happy one at that. I don’t really understand why no one else bid on it.

Nearly all my rods are for light river fishing and my only salmon rod is a 13′ Sage that I purchased well over a decade ago. However I acquired this rod to double up for sea trout/light salmon and pike fishing.

Having been detailed as in fair condition with extension handle and original cloth bag it was worth a punt. I imagine many were put off in the knowledge that the guide whippings needed some tidying up and for most completely re-whipping. With my dear friend ‘Richard The Fish’ at hand to do this I thought that firstly it would make an ideal addition to the horde of rods for different situations, also a good length for ‘young tales’ to manage as he grows up and attempts to land his first salmon. Secondly would give Richard another project to embark on pre Christmas, as his wife reports he’s a bit bored at the moment.

I will post up pre and post restored images as Richard still under sells his ability at being a Master of his trade.

With this season now wrapped up for sea trout and salmon I’m tempted to take the rod out in it’s current state in order to tempt a pike from a back water of the Thames. Using some small poppers in red/white and chartreuse streamers it would be nice to see if we can tempt a pike but with such warm weather it still doesn’t feel like the season for pike.

The other thought I have is using this rod for bass fishing, strong enough to punch a line out over the rocks or in the surf, but I still get that niggling feeling that should I be using a Hardy rod for this sort of dirty work, guess I’m now being precious.

What I am pleased about us giving this tired rod a second lease of life where many are left in cupboards, lofts and sheds to gather dust or cast into oblivion and skipped.