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As golden leaves float along the coloured water, hidden deep beneath the surface and under a fallen tree is a large predatory fish. It’s that time of year again when large floats are used in order to catch pike.

Box of vintage pike bungs

Box of vintage pike bungs

A recent visit to a car boot resulted in two opportune finds, the first a fist full of gazette style pike floats and a copy of Angling Ways. The book was recently featured on fellow wordpress blog TheTuesdaySwim as illustrations featuring a pike were used to introduce the season of pike fishing.

Earlier in the summer I saw two rather large pike caught from a backwater of the Thames near Sunbury. Idling away the afternoon in a bunch of reeds a 13lb pike decided to make off with a piece of spicy sausage that was cast out in order to tempt a large chub. As the bait came to rest through the crystal clear water a dark shadow emerged,its mottled flanks and golden belly flashed in the dappled sunlight as it took the bait and turned. On the same day another pike fractionally
smaller made light work of engaging with a small silver fish as it was being reeled in, easy pickings for these hunters of the deep.

With the knowledge of where these fish lay in wait to ambush, I think a visit armed with a good cane rod, strong fixed spool reel and traffic light coloured bung may result in some sport. The season to be fearful is upon us.