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Southwold Angling

Southwold Angling

Having been behind the wheel for nearly 9 hours and crossed several counties I end up back in SW13.

Beach huts at Southwold

Earlier in the day I set off to Southwold the home of Adnams the brewer in order to present the brands I represent being Sloane’s Dry Gin, Rebellion Spiced Rum and a few others. Southwold is a picturesque town set on the Suffolk Coast and with a heritage linked to the sea. Upon entering this town steeped in maritime history I came across Southwold Angling and Pet Store which as a business was up for sale.

Like most fishermen I suffer from ‘anglingitis’ an inherent disorder of having to stop at every tackle shop in order to check that all I have in my tackle bag is current and should any new device, lure, fly, rod or reel be checked out and if so be purchased to add the large amount of piscatorial items I own.

On the issue of ‘Stuff’ my good friend or rather blog associate TheTuesdaySwim has discussed this point in a recent post but I will add to this over the next few days. Like most fisherman, her in doors has an issue over the amount of ‘stuff’ I accumulate . However the reference to shoes and handbags is wearing thin, especially in light that it is now the winter season and a new pair of boots are sought after…

As it transpired the Southwold Angling shop was up for sale as a going concern. For those wishing to fish here it is important to know that the shop closes at 1pm on a Wednesday and is closed on a Sunday, however a good range of bait is stocked.

The shore at Southwold

The shore at Southwold

Like the old saying ‘Time and Tide Waits For No Man’, today was one of those days. High Tide was around 1pm and I didn’t have time to try chucking out a bit of rag or lug in search of a flat fish or predatory bass. What was good to know was that Southwold was fishing well.

After a meeting at the brewery I drove to the beach and checked out the tide and lay of the land in order to return and fish this wonderful location. Ahead of me was another 3 hour drive so a quick beer at the end of the journey in my local the Coach and Horses was a fitting end to a busy day.